Paintings at the intersection of science, art and humanity


Ezra Bejar Personal Statement


My work of art focuses in science, plants and tradition. After spending thirty years on scientific research in botanical medicine, I

focused my energy on developing an artistic practice which emphasizes the intersection of science, art and humanity. The paintings you see on this web site reflect some of my scientific ideas, intense interest in botany and overall optimistic approach to addressing problems of society. I create art combining freely physical paint and digital media technology. 

I have both an artistic and a scientific mind that never settles with an idea, style or media. My artistic approach uses a methodical scientific methodology in art creation.  The process emphasizes historical and biological observation, and research followed by media experimentation. My thoughts and ideas flow from a time scale that include traditions of my Mexican ancestors found in codices (prehispanic historical documents), scientific publications and world wide field trips. I don’t focus my art creation to be in agreement with history or an art movement or style. Merging ideas from art and science have allowed me to build new forms and spaces. My most recent Discoveries collection is currently exhibited, simultaneously in the USA and Mexico. It is the best example of how I mix my scientific background with my artistic creative vein. In this collection, I formulate a new and original artistic vision which is becoming my characteristic signature.


Flower in the Sky, 2019, Acrylic Glass

Solo, The Transformation of the Landscape, Casa de Oro Public Library, San Diego, CA 2019

Solo, Los Descubrimientos, Arte en la Industria, Tijuana Innovadora, Baja California, Mexico, 2019

Solo, Discoveries: Ten Paintings out of a Test Tube, Casa de Oro Public Library, San Diego, CA 2019

Collective, Hints about Balche, Artbox.Project, Zurich, Switzerland, 2019

Collective, In a Grove and Other Collages at C-Note, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA 2018

Collective, The Player, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, 2018.

Collective, The Quest, SDSU, San Diego, CA, 2018.

Collective, Innate Impulse, Artbox Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland, 2018.

Collective, Underwater Forest, bG Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, 2018

Collective, Dark Goya and Lured, SDSU, San Diego, CA 2018

Collective Artbox Projects, Modernite, New York, 2018.

Collective, Afflatus, Artbox Projects, Euroairport, Switzerland, 2017

Vote4Art Online, South View, Ideenmeisterei GMBH, Zug, Switzerland, 2017

Collective, Alegria, Artbox Gallery, Miami, FL, 2016.

Collective, Camellia, Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA-NCRT), 2016.

Collective, Rain is Coming Down, Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA-NRCT), 2016.

Artist of the Day, Saatchi Art- Santa Monica, 2016

Collective, Neoconstructivism from Mexico, Latin American Art Festival, San Diego, CA 2016.

Collective, Pliages at C- Note, San Diego Art Institute, 2015,

Solo, RetinART, Long Beach City Hall, Long Beach, CA, 2014,

Solo, Ocean and Signals in Long Beach, Long Beach Public Library, Long Beach, CA, 2014

Solo, Tapestries, Long Beach Public Library, Long Beach, CA, 2014

Solo, RetinART, Green Bliss Cafe, Fullerton, CA, 2013



I am a full-time professional artist with prior academic and corporate executive positions conducting scientific research of herbal ingredients. I am considered a world expert in botanical medicine. Having authored books, chapters, monographs and published numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles reporting on the effects of plant substances found in remedies used by ancient cultures, a field called ethnopharmacology.

Having been trained and educated as an artist / scientist in Mexico and the US, I received a BS, and MS degrees in experimental biology at the Autonomous Metropolitan University in Mexico City, and a Ph.D. in pharmacology at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA. After my scientific career, I enhanced my art by attending San Diego State, School of Art and Design and participated in independent studies on multimedia art with Professor Mark Siprut and advanced painting studies with Colombian mulitdisciplinary artist, Carlos Castro Arias. To this date, I continue collaborating with SDSU art and science faculty.


Romare Bearden 

Simon Hantai

Piet Mondrian

Jackson Pollock

Henri Rousseau

Francisco Toledo

Rufino Tamayo 


- San Diego Art Institute  

- Long Beach Art Council

- Arts for LA

- American Botanical Council (Scientific Advisory Member)